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Financial Information

Hands Across the Nations is an efficient and effective charitable organization with low administrative costs, thus enabling relatively-more funds to be available for delivering on our mission. Contributions are from individual and corporate donors, and from highly-successful fundraising events. While not required to do so, HATN has its financial statements reviewed each year by an independent auditor as we feel financial transparency is important to our stakeholders.  Additionally, our practice is to not use any professional fundraisers.

Key benchmarks we use for assessing our financial effectiveness include:

  • Operating costs. We seek to have our operating costs be consistently less than 10% of total expenditures and have been managing these costs downward. Over the last 4 years, our actual metric is 7.2% (and 4.9% for 2012 in isolation).

  • Fundraising revenue. We seek to have our fundraising revenues be consistently more than 2.5 times our fundraising costs.  Over the last 4 years our actual metric is 3.2.


For further information, please contact HATN at 416.297.7271 or info@hatncanada.org